Alternate Assessment

Alternate Assessment

The new individualized Alternate Assessment 2.0 will be in place for the 2019-20 school year.  It will no longer be in grade bands, but grade levels 3-8 and 10th grade.  Presently, 10th grade will be the only grade tested in high school.  The plan is to add the additional high school years in the near future.

There will be a training on Alternate Assessment 2.0.  Since the test is individualized and online, the training will be more about the process and preparation for the test.  There will no longer be manual test preparation kits.  The best preparation for the test is teaching your grade level extended standards as the test aligns with these standards and the format will remain similar to the paper test of the past Alternate Assessment 1.0.

SST-8 will post training dates on our website and send an email out to our districts, once consultants have received training from AIR.
For general questions about alternate assessments contact:
Office for Exceptional Children
Amy Parker
Office of Curriculum and Assessment

For more information, please contact

Helen Brophy
Brophy, Helen
Educational/Transition Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511268
Stephanie Denham
Denham, Stephanie
Educational Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511229
Dee Dee Howes
Howes, Dee Dee
Educational Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511272
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