PBIS Fidelity at Bolich Middle School

Bolich Middle School, part of the Cuyahoga Falls City School District, reached out to State Support Team 8 with a request to complete a walkthrough investigation of their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework.  
The purpose of this walkthrough is to provide a valid, reliable, and efficient measure of the extent to which school personnel are applying the core features of the school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports. The walkthrough includes randomly selecting staff and students and asking them about PBIS.  The questions asked included:
- What are the school expectations? At Bolich, what does PAWS stand for?
- For teachers, have they taught the school expectations this year?
- For teachers, have you given out any acknowledgements to students exhibiting these school expectations in the last two months?
- For students, have you received any acknowledgements for these behaviors in the last two months?
At Bolich Middle School, their results showed an 80% implementation rate of Tier I. These results qualify the school for statewide PBIS recognition!  
A couple highlights of this walkthrough include a perfect score on the following items.  The staff at Bolich Middle school should be celebrated for an effort on these topics and themes.
- Expected academic and social behaviors are taught directly to all students in classrooms and across other campus settings/locations.
- A formal system for specific behavior feedback is linked to school-wide expectations and used across settings and within classrooms by at least 90% of a sample of staff and received by at least 50% of a sample of students.
- School has five or fewer positively stated behavioral expectations and examples by setting/location for student and staff behaviors defined and in place.

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