Common Formative Assessment 2.0

Common Formative Assessment (CFA)

State Support Region 8 is excited to invite districts in our region to a systematic process developed by Larry Ainsworth, a leading expert who supports districts’ intentional instruction and assessment practices in the classroom. The Common Formative Assessment 2.0 series will walk participants through a process to ensure deep understanding of the standards in a way that will guide effective instructional practices and the development of formative assessments. The result of the CFA 2.0 process is access to high quality data that effectively monitors student progress and guides teachers as they navigate through the instructional decision making process. CFA 2.0 process operates from the research that has shown when educators collaborate on designing grade-level or course-level assessments, it not only allows teachers to invest in and take ownership of the curriculum, instruction, and assessment process, but it also creates a portfolio of high-quality assessments that are aligned to local and state standards.

Did you know that CFA 2.0 is more than just an assessment?

It is the answer to maximizing student outcomes.
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