ETR and IEP Support

SST-8/IDEA Compliance Supports

At SST8, our primary goal is to increase the capacity of Local Educational Agency (LEA) personnel to develop high-quality and legally compliant Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs) and Individual Educational Programs (IEPs) for students with disabilities. SST8's primary mechanism for support is the Internal Monitoring for IDEA Compliance series, offered annually to district and community schools.  Read below for more information on this series for First Year and Returning teams.

Internal Monitoring Cohort Series

ODE’s Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) expects each district or community school to have a process for ensuring that special education documents meet state and federal requirements. Starting in 2016, corrective action plans for special education services must identify a mechanism for internal compliance monitoring. SST8 has created a three-part series designed to help your district build the knowledge, confidence, and action plan ensuring that all special education personnel master these expectations. We encourage districts to send a TEAM of central office, building, and teaching personnel responsible for the development and implementation of an Internal Monitoring process.
New Teams 
NOTE: Starting in 2019-2020, Deep Dive sessions on ETR, IEP, and Transition will be required prerequisites to ensure that Internal Monitoring participants have sufficient background knowledge to engage with ODE's IDEA compliance indicators.  

Days 1-2: Training on OEC's IDEA compliance indicators for ETRs and IEPs (including Indicator 13/Post-Secondary transition) with time for review of sample records and achieve inter-rater reliability; team time for action planning and developing an internal monitoring process including roles, responsibilities, timelines, and other supports.  Click here to access items from the Internal Monitoring binder (password protected; for participants only).

Day 3: A follow-up update on IDEA compliance to support ongoing development and implementation of this process, with time to review records or monitoring outcomes with SST-8 support.

Returning Teams
Those who have participated in prior years' Internal Mmonitoring series will have the opportunity for a full day training the following year working more closely with goals, SDI (beyond compliance lens) the appropriateness of goals; unpacking standards, and transition service activities. Teams will also look at their SPP indicator data to decide how it relates as an area of emphasis on IEP.

Additional ETR/IEP Resources

OP-6A Progress Report Smart Sheet

Smart Sheet and short video to guide users through the OP-6A Progress Report. 
Link to Youtube video:
Click here to access OP-6A Progress Report Smart Sheet

Support for Updated OH ETR-IEP Forms

In December 2017, ODE's Office for Exceptional Children released updated versions of the required ETR and IEP forms, as well as optional Progress Monitoring forms.  These new forms may be implemented by LEAs immediately, but MUST be implemented by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. See below for a PDF guide to the changes, as well as a summary of guidance "roll-over" (R-O) prompts which OEC has embedded within the dynamic versions of the forms.
Complete listing of Ohio Required and Optional Forms

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