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2021 R A Horn Outstanding Student Achievement Award and Franklin B Walter Outstanding Educator Award
Congratulations to all our Outstanding Students and Outstanding Educators for 2021!   

R A Horn Outstanding Student Achievement Award Nominees:                                                                                                                     
William Fullen, Coventry Virtual Academy
Kaitlyn Campbell, Crestwood Intermediate School
Jacob Carpenter, Crestwood Primary School
Gus Dies, Cuyahoga Falls High School
Matthew Ware, Field Middle School
Mila DiGirolamo, Field-Suffield Elementary School
Brielle Sclimenti, Field-Suffield Elementary School
Cierra Hancock, Green Middle School
Harper Hannaman, Green Primary School
Uhland Kilmer, Hudson-Evamere Elementary School
Kylee Nichols, Kent-Longcoy Elementary School
Michael Rockwood, Kent-Longcoy Elementary School
Dylan Wilfong, Rootstown Middle School
Franklin B Walter Outstanding Educator Award Nominees:
Emily Compher, Coventry Middle School
Monica Wolford, Crestwood Local School District
Melody Carlisle, Cuyahoga Falls High School
Joanna Seibert, Green Middle School
Mary Beth Mitchell, Springfield High and Junior High