Regional Networks

SST8 Regional Networks

Luminating Leaders Administrator Network (in partnership with Summit ESC)

Being an administrator is not for the faint of heart – but don’t despair! Luminating Leaders Network is designed to give principals/district leaders an opportunity to connect with other administrators on current topics effecting schools today.  Each 90-minute session is designed with three components: 1) concise professional development on current educational trends, 2) updates from ODE, SST, ESC, and local professional networks, and 3) opportunities for collaborating and networking with other principals.  A facilitator will lead small groups of administrators in similar grade level bands, leading colleagues in dialogue current questions, concerns, and issues administrators are currently facing. Join us for a mix of in-person and virtual sessions this year to stay connected and on top of this ever-changing field.
*Dates: 10/5/22 (Summit ESC), 11/16/22 (Virtual), 12/15/22 (Virtual), 2/15/23 (Virtual), 3/16/23 (Virtual), 4/14/23 (Summit ESC)

Early Childhood Administrators Network  

This on-going series for Early Learning Administrators will cover hot topics in education today from both a regional, state and national perspective.  We will provide information and practices to support students and families, teachers, assistants and related services within your district, and allow you to network with other districts.  Topics are consistent with the professional development that is being offered regionally, state initiatives and nationally recognized best practice.   Ohio Approved Credit will be given in OCCRRA. 

*Dates: Virtual 9/21/22, 11/30/22, 2/15/23, 5/17/23 

Early Childhood Teacher Network

This series is intended for Early Childhood Educators who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of how play encourages multiple opportunities and modes to engage in deep learning for children.  Participants will examine their current practice and identify new ways to use play as a means to develop rigor in their early learning environment. Each session will include time for networking and sharing ideas and practices with other Early Learning Educators.  

*Dates: In-Person: 10/7/22; Virtual: 12/9/22, 2/3/23 and 3/17/23.

Special Education Forum

Success in special education can feel like a moving target. Stay focused and get the information you need to support high-quality service with our bimonthly series for special education leaders. Hear the latest federal and state updates, learn effective practices for closing achievement gaps, hear talking points to help keep your building personnel sharp, and network with special education leaders from our three-county region.

*Dates: Virtual: 9/13/22, 11/8/22, 1/10/23, 3/14/23 and 5/16/23

Literacy Network Improvement Community (L-NIC)

Our focus this year will be supporting you as you bring the new dyslexia support laws to life in your district. Audience: Administration, central office staff involved in literacy planning for the district.

*Dates: Virtual:  10/18/22, 12/20/22, 2/21/23 and 5/16/23 

PBIS Leaders Network

This series is intended for any PBIS leaders in districts and buildings.  Each session will provide current PBIS updates, professional development and networking time for session participants.

*Dates: Virtual: 9/22/22, 11/3/22, 1/19/23, 3/9/23 and In-Person: 5/4/23 

Tri-County Transition Council

The Tri-County Transition Resource Council is a collaboration of various County agencies, County Transition Teams, Intervention Specialists, Transition Coordinators, JTCs, Directors, Parents, Community members and Higher Education who seek to improve post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities.  Through speaker presentations, sharing information and ideas,  concerns and collaboration, this group provides a platform for action steps and solutions.

*Dates: In-Person: 10/26/22 and 4/19/23  Virtual 2/14/23 and 2/22/23 

Regional Literacy Leaders Network (RLLN)

We'll explore the shift required from balanced literacy to structured literacy. (Shifting the Balance) Shift 1:Rethinking How Reading Comprehension Begins Shift 2: Recommitting to Phonemic Awareness Instruction Shift 3: Reimagining the way We Teach Phonics Shift 4: Revising High-Frequency Word Instruction Shift 5: Reinventing the Ways We Use MSV Shift 6:Reconsidering Texts for Beginning Readers Sessions:

*Dates: In-person: 9/27/22, 11/22/22, 2/28/23, 5/23/23 Virtual: 10/25/22, 1/24/23, 4/25/23 

Adolescent Literacy Improvement Network (ALIN)

The ALIN is designed for secondary literacy leaders (principals, assistant principals, coaches, department heads, teachers, etc.) who seek refreshed training and resources aimed at improving literacy instruction and student performance in grades 4-12.

*Dates: Virtual: 10/14/22, 12/9/22, 2/10/23, 4/14/23, 6/9/23

Itinerant Educators Network

Are you feeling alone in your role as an itinerant teacher?  Are you in need of resources to support your work?  Would you like to network with other itinerant teachers?  If so, come and join the itinerant network!  This group of knowledgeable professionals have been meeting for the past 9 years and have evolved their practice by conversing in depth about the consultative model, staying current with research, sharing resources with each other, and problem solving situations with others that understand the itinerant role.   Credit will be given in OCCRRA.  

*Dates: In-Person 10/17/22, 12/15/22, 2/6/23 and 3/20/23.  

Elementary Principals Literacy Network

This network, meeting virtually, 1-hour per month, will not only allow you to become an even more effective instructional leader in your building, but will also provide support as you navigate the new dyslexia work required by HB 436. For the past few years, your teachers have joined us to discover how the brain learns to read and how using specific, evidence-based strategies can make instruction accessible for each child. Now, you can join us to talk the talk and discuss what to look for in reading sessions designed and delivered to reach each child with explicit, systematic, cumulative, diagnostic and responsive instruction. 

*Dates: Virtual: 9/2/22; 11/4/22, 1/6/23; 2/3/23 and 5/5/23. 

*Dates and offerings are subject to change
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