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We provide a wide-range of support to our region that is focused on improving literacy as detailed in Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Improvement.  Ohio’s language and literacy vision strives to reduce language and  literacy barriers for each learner. Further, it aims to significantly increase the number of learners who develop the language and literacy skills they need for grade-level reading comprehension and thus are prepared for their futures. You can learn more about Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement here.

To find out more about Ohio's dyslexia support laws and the requirements attached please click here.

Literacy Webinars

Click HERE to access adolescent literacy webinars hosted by SST8 consultants. The adolescent series will feature webinars (10-15 minutes in length) that can be used for individual professional development or with teams at the building level. 

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Ohio's Early Literacy Plan

Improving student outcomes through early literacy is a top priority for Ohio. Ohio is targeting early literacy because data shows that it’s predictive of academic success, school completion and college and career readiness.

Ohio’s Early Literacy plan is aimed at leveraging resources, such as parent partnerships, teacher capacity, and state systems of support, over the next several years to achieve high student results. These resources include: high-quality instruction that is more accessible; a language-rich environment in and outside of school; a system that delivers appropriate academic and behavioral supports; and effective literacy instruction and interventions for students with disabilities in less restrictive settings.  The goal is to have all Ohio students reading proficient or above by the end of third grade, and to have all students ready for college, career and/or independent living.

Ohio’s Early Literacy Initiative utilizes many resources, including the LETRS professional development series.

  • A professional learning program based on a proven approach with documented growth of student reading scores in multiple states;
  • Professional development that sharpens educators’ abilities to diagnose why students are struggling and how to provide proven interventions; and 
  • More than face-to-face professional training. It includes Web-based learning and a networking platform, individual coaching and the opportunity to develop district-level experts. 
  • A comprehensive approach to professional development that covers foundations of reading instruction; comprehension, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, word study, spelling and assessment
  • Supports for all early childhood educators, paraprofessionals, administrators, speech language pathologists and district literacy coaches and leaders. 
  • Not a replacement for a school’s current core reading program

More Early Literacy Ohio Resources can be found here:

Reading Achievement Plan

Upcoming Events

Literacy Leaders Network
We welcome Literacy Coaches, Curriculum Directors, Assistant Superintendents or Teacher Leaders to join the Regional Literacy Leaders Network, sponsored by State Support Team 8.
Click below to register for each month's session (9-11AM)

Click here to access the RLLN Resource Padlet

For more information, please contact

Pam Kennedy
Pam Kennedy
Regional Early Literacy Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511226
Kim Nagy
Kim Nagy
Regional Literacy Specialist
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511254
Sarah Egan-Reeves
Sarah Egan-Reeves
Educational Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511240
Tracy Mail
Tracy Mail
Educational Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511265
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