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Give us 8 minutes - we'll give you research-based, actionable information to improve teaching and learning TODAY. Got a couple more minutes? We'll give you 8 powerful takeaways. Have time for a deep dive? Take in an interview from some of our favorite speakers, writers, and thinkers in education. Welcome to 8 with 8, a podcast from Ohio State Support Team Region 8.

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Production Team
Host: Jenine Sansosti
Co-Hosts: SST8 consultants
Editor/Producer: Christian Kerchenski

Season 6: "Why Are We Still Doing That?"

Why is it that ineffective instructional practices continue to be used in schools, when we have ample research showing us that they don’t work - or even do harm? This season, we dive into some of these practices by exploring the research around them and the alternatives that can help us reach our goals for students. 

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