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Serving Medina, Portage,
and Summit Counties


School Improvement

School Improvement in Region 8 

Ohio Improvement Cycle Graphic
SST8 provides support implementing the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) to districts in reaching their long-term and short-term goals. OIP refers to implementation cycle that brings educators together through collaborative team structures to learn from each other and it facilitates communication and decision-making between and across levels of the system (district, central office, school, grade levels, content areas, classrooms). When viewed as an organizational framework, rather than a compliance check, the OIP gives districts a process for focused and intentional action. The team structures at the core of the OIP cultivate a wealth of information and understanding from multiple perspectives that drive and sustain successful improvement.

Who Can I Talk To About...

EDSTEPS, One Needs Assessment, One Plan: Frank Gant, Mike Kaschak and Alisha Gray
Support Schools Tools: Frank Gant and Mike Kaschak
OIP Structures: Frank Gant and Mike Kaschak
Evidence-based Practices: Frank Gant