Alternate Assessment

Alternate Assessment

The individualized Alternate Assessment 2.0 will be in place for the 2020-2021 school year.  It is administered to grade levels 3-8. At this time, the 4 content assessments for high school can be administered all in the 10th grade year as they were previously OR they can be given across the high school years to align more with End of Course exams. For example, the Language Arts assessment might be given in 9th grade and the Math assessment in 10th. Social Studies and Science might be administered in 11th grade. It is recommended that students complete testing prior to their senior year in case they need to retest.

All trainings for new and existing test administrators will be done online through the TIDE Portal. These modules involve a quiz and certification. SSTs will NOT provide training. SST8 will host four 1 hour Q & A sessions to answer questions for participants who have completed the training in the Portal or who were previously trained by SST8.

Link to the TIDE Portal

Click HERE to register for the Alternate Assessment 2.0 Q & A sessions on January 7 and 8, 2020

For general questions about alternate assessments contact:
Wendy Stoica
[email protected] 
Office for Exceptional Children

New AA Decision Making Tool and Existing Participation Criteria Form

Join us for a brief crosswalk trough the New AA Decision Making Tool and the existing Participation Criteria Form to see how they work together to inform decisions about students talking the Alternate Assessment. You can access ODE’s Frequently Asked Questions about the new tool here as well. 

AA Decision Making Tool Deep Dive

For more information, please contact

Helen Brophy
Brophy, Helen
Educational/Transition Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511268
Dee Dee Howes
Howes, Dee Dee
Educational Consultant
Office: 330-929-6634 x 511272
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